Chris Biddlecombe – Scotland

Chris is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, with a history of making work in the form of site specific interventions using a variety of techniques that create ambiguous dialogues with the viewer using cultural, historical or social references. His mixed media installations have been exhibited in the UK and internationally, encouraging genuine collaborations with architects, engineers, museum curators, writers, performers and other creative makers.

He is an active member of the Scottish Artists Union, the European Council of Artists and the UK National Federation of Artists Studio Providers.

“As an artist much of my work is developed through collaborations with other creative makers. I also spend much time working to ensure that other artists have secure and safe working conditions, supportive contracts and fair remuneration for their work. I consider artists resale royalties to be part of these basic rights, not just an ‘add on’ in certain circumstances. Let us remember, when an art work is sold we do not just buy the physical object, we are also making a connection with the original creative maker. If it is acknowledged that a healthy artistic community creates significant economic and social benefits to a nation, it is vital that artists are properly and regularly paid back through that creative economy. This is not just for artists in a particular city or country, this can only be fairly and effectively administered as an international artist’s right”.