Month: March 2015

Discussing the Resale Right at the ALAI Colloquium

On 20 March, at the invitation of the French Association for the International Protection of Copyright (AFPIDA) and with the support of French Society of Authors in the Graphic and Plastic Arts (ADAGP), three panels of international experts gathered in Paris to discuss the vital Artist’s Resale Right.  The high-profile event, dubbed the ALAI Colloquium, was organised by the International Literary… Read more →

EU Resale Right Directive is for Artists

In yesterday’s judgment the EU Court of Justice confirmed that the contractual arrangements by Christie’s France which oblige buyers to pay the resale right are in compliance with European law. The court delivered a preliminary ruling to a question forwarded by the French Court of Cassation. The French antiques dealers’ association (SNA) had started a legal procedure against Christie’s France… Read more →