Maja Lisa Engelhard – Denmark

Maja Lisa Engelhardt is a Danish artist, born in 1956. She had her debut in 1985. Maja Lisa Engelhardt’s often large and richly colored paintings reflect a sensuous experience of nature. Engelhardt’s work, however, also encompasses a greater story, which is religious, literary or historical in kind. Like the National Romantic project of the Golden Age, she opens up her landscapes to Nordic history and incorporates the myths and memorials of the ancient past as traces.

Since her debut she has grown to be an internationally recognized artist. Apart from painting and sculpture, she also works with decorating cathedrals and churches, both at home and abroad. Maja Lisa is based in Dublin but also lives and works partly in Denmark and France.

”The funds received through resale right give artists an incentive to keep on creating works and developing their artistic expressions. The system is, in other words, a crucial right for the creators of visual art. I believe this right should be the same for all artists, regardless of country. Thus, resale right should apply in all countries and for all artists, not only as a motivator but because it is a fundamental right.”