10 Years Celebration of the Artist’s Resale Right in the UK

To celebrate the impact the Artist’s Resale Right has had on the British artists over the past 10 years, the British Collecting Society DACS has published a white paper focusing on its importance in providing financial stability for artists, as well as safeguarding cultural heritage. Nonetheless, there are numerous recent developments that may prove to be a hindrance in the proper application of the right: some art market professionals are still not compliant in paying the ARR, some auctions might be moved to countries which don’t implement the ARR in order to circumvent it. The only solution to these issues is a world wide recognition of the right, in order to ensure an even implementation, together with the right tools for it to work both online as well as offline.

DACS also provide a wide array of infographics in order to highlight the importance of the ARR for almost 4000 artists, which has proven to be a means for them to invest in their craft, or cover living expenses, or ensuring studio space.

Last but not least, numerous artists and their estates have issued heartfelt testimonials on the positive impact the Resale Right has had on their artistic lives.


Users can also show their support for the celebration of this milestone by:

  • using the hashtag #21stCenturyArtist
  • following the campaign @DACSforArtists
  • sending a message or opinion to communications@dacs.org.uk
  • liking, retweeting or sharing the information provided on the DACS Anniversary Page