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News on the Resale Right from North and South America

Advancements in discussing the Resale Right within WIPO

WIPO’s 33rd Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights proved to be another valuable meeting for advocating the universal adoption of the Resale Right.  The bi-annual committee hosted Samuel Ricketson – Professor of law in the Melbourne Law School and author of the academic study on proposing an international treaty on the droit de suite/resale royalty for visual artists. The… Read more →

Artists Rights Society petitions in support of the Resale Right

Visual artists are the only members of the creative community in the U.S. that do not receive residual payments for the later sales of their works. Composers and lyricists will collect some two billion dollars this year in royalties for their compositions, distributed by their rights societies, chiefly ASCAP and BMI. Playwrights and screenwriters get public performance royalties. Actors in… Read more →

The Resale Right gains new recognition within WIPO

On Friday 13 May, within the World Intellectual Property Organization’s 32nd plenary session of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights the subject of the Resale Right was addressed. The delegation of Senegal has submitted a proposition of analyzing and debating the academic study encouraging the universal adoption of the visual artist’s resale right, prepared by Melbourne University Professor… Read more →

US Resale Right gaining increasing support

 On the 20th hearing on copyright by the House Judiciary, a two-year review by Congress has been concluded with Maria Pallante – U.S. Register of Copyrights as lone witness. She has presented a detailed Written Testimony outlaying issues requiring either legislative action, foundational analyses of public issues or other issues either not urgent or related to the Copyright Office. Regarding… Read more →