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13 years of ARR in Australia

Australia adopted the Artist’s Resale Right in 2010 and saw interesting developments over the years, until today when it celebrates its 13th anniversary. Copyright agency, the mandated Collective Management Organisation (CMO) for ARR collections has consistently reported key figures and updates on ARR, with the latest dating from August 2023, showing how the scheme is faring in Australia. Their findings… Read more →

Artists’ Resale Right International Conference 28 April 2017

The International Conference on the Resale Right will take place on April 28 in Geneva under the hosting of WIPO and organized by the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), The International Council of Creators of Craphic, Plastic and Photographic Arts (CIAGP) and European Visual Artists  (EVA).   One of the main purposes of the conference is… Read more →

Advancements in discussing the Resale Right within WIPO

WIPO’s 33rd Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights proved to be another valuable meeting for advocating the universal adoption of the Resale Right.  The bi-annual committee hosted Samuel Ricketson – Professor of law in the Melbourne Law School and author of the academic study on proposing an international treaty on the droit de suite/resale royalty for visual artists. The… Read more →