“Having been part of the international art scene since the 1980’s, I’ve understood how important it is that artists’ rights are recognized all around the world. Economic and moral rights are conditions for the creation of works and for a thriving art market. The Resale Right ensures that a small part of the sales revenue is returned to the artists and thereby encourages the creation of new works. The right is directly related to the sale of the physical work and to the ongoing process of creating new works of art. To me the Resale Right therefore is such an obvious right, a right that in my opinion should be easy for everyone involved in the art market to comprehend and support.”


Olav Christopher Jenssen, The Letharia Painting, Lux no. 10, 2013-2014 Acrylic and oil on canvas, (OC m 982), 243 x 203 cm
Courtesy Galleri Riis Photo: Stein Jørgensen
Creditline portrait of the artist : Portrait of Olav Christopher Jenssen
Photo: Stein Jørgensen