WIPO Event on Resale Right

CISAC, EVA, GESAC invite all member states of WIPO to talk about Resale RIGHT at WIPO headquarters

Artists Speakers List
Roberto Cabot, Artist, Brazil
Julio Carrasco Bretón, Artist, Mexico
Laurence Jenkell, Artist, France
Thierry Feuz, Artist, Switzerland 

The resale right is a fundamental right for authors of graphic and plastic arts. It allows them to obtain a percentage of the price that the sellers pay at each professional resale of their works, such as by auction or in a gallery.

The right is enshrined in the Berne Convention and fully implemented in all EU Member States as well as in many other countries. Also, two of the major art markets are currently considering introducing it in their laws: in the United States, draft bills were tabled in both houses of Congress so that the resale right, which already exists in the State of California, can become a federal law; and in China the right is included in a pending copyright bill. A bill was also tabled in Canada. At WIPO, more and more voices are supporting the introduction of the right as a mandatory element of copyright protection under international law.

In a global world, the protection of artists should be treated equally in different places of the art market, be it London, Paris, New York or Hong Kong.  Thus, the authors of fine art from the five continents – and not just those of Western countries – will be able to benefit from the wealth generated by the sales of their creations. And the first ones being concerned are the artists from developing countries, whose works are initially sold at low prices but later auctioned or sold at a significantly higher price.

To promote equality for all authors and ensure the benefits of the right to both developed and developing countries’ artists, the resale right should become, under the auspices of WIPO, a global right.

Javier Gutiérrez Vicén,
President of EVA

Christophe Depreter,

Président du GESAC