ARR Tariffs Published in Mexico

After 20 years of struggle, Mexican visual artists will finally be able to benefit from the resale of their works. The right reached an important milestone when the tariffs proposal presented by the Collective Management Organisation Sociedad Mexicana de Autores de las Artes Plasticas (SOMAAP) to the Mexican authorities in 2021 was finally approved and published.

Mexican copyright legislation had already been reformed in 2003 to include the artist’s resale right, but without the tariffs, the right remained inoperative for all these years. Despite the disagreement with art market professionals which stalled the process, the diligent work of SOMAAP and the CISAC network of Latin American visual arts societies, coordinated by the CIAGP finally paid off.

With percentages ranging from 1% to 4% from the price of resale, and a requirement for art market professionals to declare sales in writing within 2 months of transactions, Visual artists in Mexico can now enjoy strengthened rights.

We look forward to hearing more good news from the North American continent, especially in Canada where the fight for ARR is ongoing.