Project “Balmes law”, a pro resale right bill presented at the chamber of deputies in Chile.

Valparaiso 04 Diciembre de 2019 Foto: René Lescornez/Camara de los Diputados de Chile


“Balmes Law”, a bill named in honor of renowned national artist and first president of Creaimagen, Mr. José Balmes, was presented at the chamber of deputies of Chile on the 26th of November 2019.

This bill seeks to modify three articles from the current legislation in order to improve the rights of visual artists and includes a new regulation for the Artist’s resale right.

It was signed by eight deputies; Nino Baltolu Rasera, Miguel Ángel Calisto Águila, Marcelo Díaz Díaz, Gonzalo Fuenzalida Figueroa, Amaro Labra Sepúlveda, Carolina Marzán Pinto, Renzo Trisotti Martínez and Cristóbal Urruticoechea Ríos. The original text is available in Spanish here.

The draft, which was last reviewed on the 09/12/2019, is to be sent to the Committee on Culture, Arts and Communications.

This major advancement towards better intellectual property rights for visual authors in Chile, has left the creative industry with more to look forward to for the coming year.